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Read what a few of our patients have to say about Dr. Smith's procedures.

"My breast sizes differed by a whole cup. They were sagging and pendulous at such a young age. My shoulders and back ached constantly and I had permanent indentations from having to tighten my bra straps so tightly to hold all of my breast tissue and skin. I also had to stuff the right side in order to give the appearance of equilibrium in clothing. The experience was painful and embarrassing. This... summer I wasn't ashamed to wear my bikini and I can now purchase bras with ease and I don't have to tighten the straps until indentations are made on my shoulders. I have gained confidence and even though the surgery was painful I would definitely do it again. It's a shame that insurance does not cover reconstructive breast surgery in non diseased breasts, but it is worth the money."
"‎12/25/2000 my daughter had an accident on a 6 wheeler. All of the tissue on the left foot to her mid shin was gone. Dr. Smith did skin graphs and several surgeries for us. I can honestly say that he is a huge part of our lives!!! His bedside manner was so comforting to my family and all the follow up visits were great. He and Carrie have done several peels for me, as well as, laser. {lol, story behind the laser!!} I put all my trust in Dr. Smith and his staff, they really feel like family~~thanks for all you have done!!
"Dear Dr.Smith & Wonderful Staff,
I just wanted to thank you so much for a positive experience. I couldn't be happier with my results! You and your staff has provided me with the absolute best experience, from start to finish! From the first consultation to the last follow up, the care and concern you shown is unmatched by any. Dr. Smith you are truly a blessing and I appreciate what you have done for me, more than you'll ever know!
" Dr. Smith went above and beyond what I expected to achieve great results. He performed a rhinoplasty and a face lift. The results a year and a half later are excellent. My nose is so cute, and I fell more confident. After 4 children, my skin, especially my face and jaw line, seemed to lose some elasticity. Although, being only 39, I felt like I should not be experiencing such changes at my age. Dr. Smith and his Staff were very friendly and helpful. Although, most Plastic Surgeons are not real forthcoming with information as to what to expect went you come out of surgery and during recovery. So, be sure to know the right questions to ask. I thank Dr. Smith for the excellent art work he performed and for my new found confidence!"
~ -Anonymous

~ Real Self Patient Testimonials
"STOP! Don't even bother looking at another review about any other cosmetic surgeon. You have found your doctor. I am new to TN and didn't quite know where to start finding a surgeon that would made me look good without looking like I had "something done". And I didn't want to look like a Picasso painting either! We have all seen the "celebrities" that look terrible and I thought that they had so much information (and money) available to get it done right , so how could I, a regular every day person find someone that wouldn't make me look worse or not like me anymore? That was my biggest fear. Well, from the moment I entered Dr. Smith's office I knew I was in the right place. Everyone was genuinely kind and professional. I explained what I wanted done and Dr. Smith did the most remarkable job that I can't stop looking in the mirror, and I only had the stitches removed yesterday! If you are searching for a cosmetic surgeon who will make you look the way you want to, whose prices are reasonable, whose staff is super competent and gracious, you have to choose Dr. Steven Smith. You won't be sorry. Dr. Smith appears to be a perfectionist and he is clearly capable of being just that and you can sense that he proud of his work, as he should be!"
~ -Anonymous