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Our face is our most visible feature, one that through expression and appearance conveys what and how we feel. Facial aging includes a loss of skin elasticity and firmness, sagging tissue and wrinkles. These visible signs of aging can greatly impact how we feel about ourselves and how others see us. Even a person who is energetic and excited about life can appear tired or sad due to aging in the midface, jawline and neck. If you are bothered by the signs of aging in your face, a facelift may be right for you.

Patient 1
Endoscopic Browlift, Fat Injections
Patient 2
Endoscopic Browlift,Blepharoplasty,Juvederm
Patient 3
Endoscopic Browlift, Juvederm Injections to Lips and Face
Patient 4
Mid Facelift; Endoscopic Browlift
Patient 5
Endoscopic Browlift, Blephs, Juvederm Lips, Laser
Once healed, the incision lines are well concealed within the hairline and in the natural contours of the face and ear. The natural contours of your face will be more visible and enhanced by the procedure, giving you a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. Most patients find that the benefits of their facelift results are long-lasting, even as they continue to age.

Initially, Dr. Smith will probably ask you to keep your head elevated for a couple of days to prevent blood from collecting. The drainage tube will be removed the day after your facelift procedure.

Your face may be puffy for a couple of weeks. You may also feel some numbness for a couple of weeks or months following a facelift. The scars will become less noticeable after a few weeks. At that point, most patients are very happy with the results of facelift cosmetic surgery.
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