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Eyelids [Blepharoplasty]

By the time you reach your mid to late thirties, your eyes begin to show signs of aging. The upper eyelids droop a bit, hindering your vision, and there is tired-looking puffiness under our eyes that no cucumber slice can take care of.

Blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery tightens the muscles around your eyelids and removes the excess fat tissue. Your eyes will be opened, making you look more alert, youthful and rejuvenated.

Crows feet, wrinkles or sagging skin around your eyes will no longer give your age away. After your eyes have been rejuvenated, you can feel and look youthful again. You won’t have to worry about trying to conceal wrinkles or other such imperfections with heavy, harsh make-up and facial products. You won’t have to worry about drooping skin impairing your vision or how a smile makes you look older than you feel. Over time, the results of your eyelid lift will keep you looking younger than if you’d never undergone the surgery, and those results may even be permanent. Now you can let your inner youth and beauty shine through your eyes and your confident smile.
Your stitches will be removed five days to a week after your blepharoplasty procedure. You should recover fully in just a few weeks. Immediately following surgery, Dr. Smith will apply ointment and bandages to your eye area. Pain from surgery can be minimized with medication and cool compresses. Following surgery, you must keep your head elevated for several days. Usually people feel comfortable in public after a week and a half. Although activities such as reading and watching television, can be done after just two or three days. There is little pain associated with this procedure. Your eyes just need time to heal in order to look refreshed.
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