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Chin Implants [Chin Augmentation]

Experience a boost to your self-confidence after chin implant cosmetic surgery. You may be bothered by the effects of age and gravity on your face, or you may have always wanted a more pronounced chin. As you age, muscles and other tissues may slowly begin to droop, making your chin sag. This may make you look older than you feel. Or you may simply want to enhance your chin shape and have a more proportionate facial contour. Dr. Smith can help you have a more pronounced, contoured and attractive face. Your chin and face can have the vibrancy, energy and shape you desire.

You can be confident in your new, well-defined chin. Your entire face will benefit from chin implant cosmetic surgery because your proportions will be more balanced. Revel in the attractiveness of your profile, and never worry again about a weak or sagging chin. Your beauty will be enhanced, and your jawline will be unforgettable.
Dr. Smith will tape your chin after surgery to minimize any swelling and discomfort. He will remove the sutures in your skin within five to seven days. If an intra-oral incision is used, your sutures will dissolve on their own. Donít be alarmed if you experience temporary difficulty with smiling and talking. Bruising around your chin and neck will fade. You will be given instructions on dental hygiene, eating and any other restrictions to your activities after surgery.
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